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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mail Call - 7/13

I received some pretty cool things in the mail last week (7/6-7/11). Here's what I got:
  • Town&Country (Free mini-subscription from Mercury Magazines)
  • Business Week (Free subscription from RewardsGold)
  • Tennis Magazine (Free subscription from Mercury Magasines)
  • Mine Magazine (Free subscription)
  • All You (I purchased this for $10 on using gift cards earned from Swagbucks. Check on my post on Swagbucks, and go here to see some great deals on magazines from Amazon.)
  • Crest Pro-Health enamel shield sample
  • Tampax Pearl sample
  • Great Value cereal bar
  • Coupon for FREE cookie dough and 5 $1.25 coupons to share with friends from Pssst (Be sure to check out my post on Pssst.)
  • Coupon for FREE DiGiorno flatbread melt (This is the second one I've received???)
  • Rebate cheque from Staples
  • Reusable shopping bag from That's Caring (Totes are no longer available, but they have awesome, eco-friendly gift baskets.)
  • Quart of Glidden paint (I'm happy this came via FedEx and not USPS - My mailman probably already thinks I'm nuts.)
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tds said...

That's cool you already got your Glidden paint--that was fast!

Melissa said...

It was really fast! I was surprised when it showed up Saturday.

A Frugal Friend said...

I can't wait to try those cookies! Free cookies somehow taste better don't ya think? :-)