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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stockpiling: What's the best way to organize?

I'm normally a very organized and neat person, but I realized last night that my stockpile is kind of a mess. I started stockpiling/couponing/bargain shopping hardcore back in March. My stash has certainly grown in the past four months, but I can't say the same for my space.

What you see above is about half of my total stockpile. This is the part I've been keeping in my room. The good news here: In the event of a natural disaster/armageddon, I have enough razors to shave my legs for at least three years!

My question for you, my readers: Do you have any tips/tricks for stockpiling in smaller areas? What should I do with this until I move into a bigger space?



The Leonards said...

Heeeeeyyyy, I have that same comforter set! lol

Melissa said...

lol How funny! I found it on sale at Walmart and was really excited because all the pieces came with it!