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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free (and legal!) MP3 Madness

The following is a guest post from Sarah Eliza at Devastate Boredom.

But first, a little about the blogger: Sarah Eliza started blogging about six months ago, when she realized that if she didn’t find a creative outlet her brain cells were going to start dying at a truly unacceptable rate. Her blog Devastate Boredom tracks her journey to self-actualization, with a liberal helping of pop-culture fun, TV & movie reviews, growing environmental awareness, free-MP3 updates, and other Thriftie adventures. She’ll get really excited if you stop by and say hi!!

Over the course of the last six months or so the weekly MP3 Madness over at Devastate Boredom has spanned quite a range of styles and genres, expanding our taste in music in all kinds of eclectic directions without straining our wallets one single bit. A lot of these tracks are still available, and so I've compiled some of the best to share with y'all today. (*happy dance*!!) A word of warning, since I can see that all of y'all are a little concerned about it already... the answer is yes. Yes, your iPod might explode. Is that a reason NOT to download all of this amazing music?? Not a chance! Get that good ol' "right click" warmed up and have at it. ;) Enjoy!

Pop & Easy Listening (aka, hard to categorize...):

Carly Simon (via artist's website)
Jer Coons (via Muruch)
Kate and Kacey, Crosby Loggins (via Campbell's Labels for Education site)
Shanna Crooks (via Clean and Clear website)
A Fine Frenzy (via artist's website)
Taylor Swift (via LEI)
Anya Marina (via Daytrotter)
Plain White T's (via Daytrotter)
Fiction Family (via artists' website)

Indie Rock:
Josh Ritter (via artist's website)
Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps (via Daytrotter)
Jolie Holland (via Daytrotter)
M. Ward (live concert recording, via NPR)
Hardly Art Label Sampler 2009 (via Amazon, 15 tracks)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Donnas, et al (sampler via Amazon, 9 tracks)
Lisa Hannigan, et al (Austin City Limits concert sampler, 17 tracks)
The Clientele (via Fingertips)
John Vanderslice (via Paste Magazine)
Los Campesinos! (via Fingertips)
God Help the Girl (via Fingertips)

Alternative and Classic Rock:

Nirvana (via Paste Magazine)
Tom Waits (via artist's website, 8 tracks)
Radiohead (via artist's website)
Ravonettes (via Amazon)
Nine Inch Nails (via artist's website, full album)
Dead By Sunrise (via Warner Bros website)

Jazz and Blues:
Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Astrud Gilberto, et al (Verve Vaults sampler, via Amazon)
Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Doc Watson, Peter Case, et al (Vanguard Visionaries Sampler, via Amazon)
Dean Marcellana Latin Jazz Trio (via Meijer)

R&B and Rap:
K'naan, et al (Austin City Limits sampler, 17 tracks)
The Cool Kids (via Green Label Sound)
Izza Kizza (via 2K Sports)
Donnie Bravo (via 2K Sports)
Ke$ha (via artist's website)

Dierks Bentley (via CMT site)
Patty Loveless, Easton Corbin, et al (via People magazine, 10 tracks)
Summer Schappell, Michael David, Jason Crabb, et al (Country Weekly, 6 tracks)
Drew Copeland (via Cheap Chick's Ray of Sunshine blog)

Gospel/Christian Contemporary:
Audra Lynn (via Forerunner site)
Ted Winn (via Amazon)
B. Reith (via Amazon, multiple tracks. Very fun upbeat style!)
Barlow Girl (via Amazon)
Jars of Clay, Thousand Foot Krutch, et al (via Creation Fest site, 10 tracks)
International House of Prayer worship album (via Forerunner site, 13 tracks)

A Mourning Rain: Sea Song (via Muruch)
Jennie DeVoe (via Meijer)
Greensky Bluegrass (via Meijer)
Will Hoge (via Amazon

Seepeoples: Apocalypse Cow Volume II (via artists' website, full CD)
Holy Ghost! (via Green Label Sound)
Flosstradamus with Caroline Polachek (via Green Label Sound)

Direct Aid Iraq sampler Under the Rose
Phillip Glass sampler album (via Amazon)
Best of the Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe (via Amazon)
Italian band Ronin (via Muruch)
A Place of Quiet Rest ~ Instrumental piano (via the artist's website, full CD)

Kenny Loggins All Join In (via artist's website)
Music for Little People (multiple downloads, via store site)
They Might Be Giants "I am a Paleontologist" (via Paste Magazine)

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