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Friday, October 9, 2009

Reminder: It's MEGA Swagbucks Day!!!

Search & Win

Just a quick reminder: Today is MEGA Swagbucks Day, which means that you can earn anywhere from 1 to 100 Swagbucks just by doing a simple search. Swagbucks gives out 10,000 in Mega Swagbucks bills every Friday, so there's plenty of chances to win. (I actually earned 5 Swagbucks doing my very first search this morning!)

If you’re interested in signing up, just click here or click the banner (on the right side of my page or at the top of this entry). Membership is FREE. Once you register, you'll receive 3 Swag Bucks just for signing up. To learn more about Swagbucks, check out this post.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I visit almost every day. So much good has come to me from your efforts. Usually, when I love a blog, I try to find some way to keep it going, like clicking Google ads. How do you make money from this blog and how can your readers, like me help you earn? I wish you would make a post explaining this to your readers.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and support! This blog is something I do just for fun - I really enjoy searching out deals/bargains and sharing them with others! I really don't make any money off it. Whenever I post about survey sites or Swagbucks, I usually include my referral link. If you sign up for one of those sites using my referral link, I get bonus points or Swagbucks. Other than that, I don't make money with this site - I just loving doing what I do! If you want to help, just keep coming back and be sure to tell your friends and family about Coupons&Coffee!

Thanks again for your support!