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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earn FREE gifts with Swagbucks!

Search & Win

Do you ever wish you could earn cool prizes just for searching the Web? Well, with SwagBucks, it turns out you can!

I was first introduced to SwagBucks about five months ago, and I LOVE it! SwagBucks rewards you with Swag Bucks (“the web’s premier digital dollar”) for doing different activities, and then you can redeem them for prizes in the Swag Store.

There are several ways you can earn Swag Bucks. The easiest is just using the SwagBucks search engine. (It’s a great search engine that’s powered by Google and Ask.) Other ways include redeeming Swag Codes (which are posted periodically on the SwagBucks blog, Twitter, or Facebook), referring friends, recycling old cell phones, shopping at specific places or participating in other promotions.

You can use your Swag Bucks to purchase a wide variety of items – song downloads, gift cards, books, music, sports memorabilia, movie posters, concert tickets, and sooo much more. My favorite item in the Swag Store is the $5 Amazon gift card that can be purchased with 45 SwagBucks.

To give you an idea of how quickly you can accumulate points: In the first six weeks I was a member, I earned 71 Swag Bucks just from using the SwagBucks search engine and redeeming an occasional Swag Code.

You’re basically getting paid (with Swag Bucks) for something you ALREADY do!

If you’re interested in signing up, just click here or click the banner (on the right side of my page or at the top of this entry). Membership is FREE. Once you register, SwagBucks will give you 3 Swag Bucks just for signing up.

It really is as easy as it sounds!!!

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