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Saturday, September 26, 2009

FREE Subscription to Metropolitan Home

RewardsGold is currently offering a FREE one-year digital subscription to Metropolitan Home. I've done several free subscriptions (four or five through RewardsGold, including this one) and can assure you that they do come, and I've never received a bill.

(Thanks to The Freebie Blogger!)

Other FREE subscriptions still available:

American Baby (1 year)

American Cheerleader (1 year)

Business Week (1 year)

Field & Stream (1 year)

Forbes (1 year)

Golf Digest (1 year)

JET magazine (1 year)

Marie Claire (digital - 1 year)

Motor Boating (1 year)

Road & Track (1 year)

Seventeen (digital - 1 year)

Tennis Magazine (2 years)

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