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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kmart Super Doubles Update: Only P&G Coupons???

Just wanted to give you a heads up:

The Kmart Super Doubles promotion is scheduled for 9/27-10/3 (Sunday-Saturday) at select stores. You can check out your local ad here or email to find out if your store is participating. It is possible that some stores might run this promotion 9/30-10/6 (Wednesday-Tuesday) instead of the dates listed above. (This has been the case at my local store during past promotions.)

Although we originally thought that all coupons would be doubled, some people have received word that only Proctor & Gamble coupons will be doubled. There's currently a lot of confusion going around the blogosphere as to what will actually happen/which coupons will be doubled.

I've emailed Kmart customer service to find out which locations are participating and to see if they're only doubling P& coupons. I'll keep you posted with any information that I'm able to find out.

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