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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Online Community - Vocalpoint

Vocalpoint is one of my favorite sites/online communities. This site is packed with information and tips, recipes, product reviews, and some really awesome coupons. Vocalpoint also offers opportunities to test out and review new products.

As with other online communities similar to this one, they do expect you to share your opinion and review any products they send you to test out. (The review surveys are always easy to complete, and it's fun to see what everyone else thought.)

There's no fee to sign up, but you do have to qualify to become a member. (I believe anyone who is female, 18 or older, and willing to share their opinions will qualify.) To see if you qualify, just fill out this short questionnaire.

(If you saw my 6/22 mail call, you might have seen a Bounce dryer bar. Vocalpoint sent this to me for FREE to test out and review!)

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