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Friday, August 21, 2009

FREE three-year subscription to Marie Claire

UPDATE: No longer available

RewardsGold is currently offering a FREE three-year subscription to Marie Claire! I've done several subscriptions through RewardsGold and can assure you that they do come, and I've never received a bill. This one probably won't last long, so snag it now if you want it! (Thanks to Shopping Frugal!)

Other FREE subscriptions still available:

American Baby (1 year)


Business Week (1 year)

Field & Stream (1 year)

Forbes (1 year)

Golf Digest (1 year)

JET magazine (1 year)

Marie Claire (digital - 1 year)

Road & Track (1 year)

Seventeen (digital - 1 year)

Spa Magazine

Tennis (1 year)

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