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Monday, August 3, 2009

Mail Call - 8/3

Last week (7/27-8/1) was a pretty good mailbox week for me! I received:
  • 2 issues of Business Week (Free subscription from RewardsGold)
  • Caress body wash from StartSampling
  • Nivea for Men body wash from
  • Degree Men deodorant (This was a Red Plum regional mailer that actually came to my dad. I opened it, assuming I was the only one getting freebies! lol)
  • Carefree pantiliner carrying case
  • 2 reusable bags from Bags for the People (Go here to get your own - very cool project!)
  • 2 sample packs of Nescafe Taster's Choice instant coffee (Very nice sample and good instant coffee! Found it here.)
  • Betty Crocker cookies and bars magazine from MyBlogSpark
  • Not pictured: $4 cash for taking an online survey from Lewis & Clark College
  • Not pictured: 2 rolls of paper towels to product test for an online survey site

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tds said...

Those Bags for the People are cool, aren't they? Now I'm really jealous, both you and Frugal Friend got the BC Cookie magazine! Great week for you!

A Frugal Friend said...

HeeHee.....don't you just love the Betty Crocker magazine? I looked through it over the weekend and can't wait to try some of the holiday ones. I am excited that more are coming too. :-)

Happy Monday!

Melissa said...

I love the bags - I think I originally saw them on one of your Mailbox Monday posts! You should join My BlogSpark - they have all kinds of neat programs. (That's how I got the BC magazine.)

I'm really excited about trying out some of the recipes. I love that you can easily tear out your favorite ones!

Lisa Smith said...

Yes, I tried one of the Nescafe samples today too and it was pretty good! I'm picky on coffee and not a heavy coffee drinker. I might try another one tomorrow morning!